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Providing world-wide web hosting and nation-wide dialup internet access. We host on NT/2000 and Linux servers, offering ASP, SQL server, and E-commerce/Shopping Cart solutions.


Eliminate SPAM
Eliminate Annoying Spamô with iHateSpam. It gives you control over that ever increasing flood of annoying and time-wasting email. Runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Currently supports Outlook and Outlook Express only.

Special Deal
Get a month of FREE Internet access ! Refer a friend and have them mention your name when they sign up. It's that easy !

Web Based Email
Use our web-based email solution to send and recieve email or manage junkmail filters for catching spam. Click HERE to login.

Technical Support
For 24 hour technical support or account information please call 888.817.8323.

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